We give NJ "Dreamchasers" the opportunity for meaningful mentoring relationships with professionals from the fields of finance, media, law, sports, healthcare, government, the arts, and other organizations. The Dreamchasers Community Services Mentoring Program partners with businesses, organizations, associations, and government agencies to develop successful mentoring partnerships with youth throughout the state of New Jersey. Dreamchasers Community services mentoring programs are designed to broaden the horizons of high school students and to help them navigate diverse educational, social, political, and professional situations. Our mentors are caring and concerned adults from a variety of backgrounds and professions who meet the New Jersey Department of Children's Services application, training and screening requirements. They commit to mentoring for at least one year, meeting with their mentees for a minimum of 8 hours per month. Established in 2016 , the Dreamchasers Community Services Mentoring Program has connected hundreds of high school "Dreamchasers" with mentors from local businesses, organizations, and associates. We believe access to professional adult role models from local communities can make an immeasurable impact on the personal and professional development of young people. Ultimately, these inspiring mentors will help aspiring "Dreamchasers" realize their potential in school, at work, and in life. Mentors serve as role models that students can look to for guidance. They offer career exploration, facilitate conversations about goal-setting, provide advice on school work and the college admissions process, and lead activities that tap into the "Dreamchasers" cultural resources.


Behavioral Assistance is comprised of specific, outcome-oriented interventions that are components of a approved, written, detailed plan of care prepared by a licensed clinical behavioral healthcare practitioner. Behavioral Assistance providers address specific target behaviors.


Intensive In-Community Service (IIC) is an analytical, focused goal oriented, and needs based clinical intervention that addresses emotional and behavioral challenges of youth with moderate to high needs. It may be provided in a youth’s home or in an amenable community location by a licensed behavioral health clinician and is intended to stabilize and support the youth and family in an effort to deter more intensive interventions and to support the youth and family in collaboration with the Child Family Team (CFT) or identified support system. This is a short-term, solution focused intervention that addresses presenting behaviors resulting in the youth and her/his family/care giver/guardian gaining insight and improving function at home and in the community.